...so why change?

I used to think I was good enough.... for God, or at least that I would be by the time I died.

Two things bothered me:

  1. some 'good' things still eluded me - I couldn't achieve the standards I set myself;
  2. I'd heard that Jesus had died to forgive me - but to forgive what if I could make myself good enough for God?

In my first days at University, I went to a talk by a Christian, who explained that I actually needed Jesus' forgiveness because I wasn't good enough for God - but the great news was that through Jesus' death God would see me as if I was good enough!
I needed to trust in Jesus, and turn around so that he was at the centre of everything I thought and did, rather than me. What's more, I learnt that Jesus promised to help me do that by God the Holy Spirit being with me!

This is all in the Bible - check out a better explanation than mine here.

I've found that God has made me able to....

What did Clare think of all this?