What exactly did you do as a BA Pilot?

I had a great time flying planes around Europe!

737-400 in the snow at Aberdeen
It was a 'dream come true' - I flew the 737-200 and 737-400 from London Heathrow as a (Senior) First Officer, and I flew the Lockheed Tristar for a couple of months (!) from Gatwick. On the Tristar I even managed two longhaul flights - Toronto and Orlando - but the rest of my time was spent in Europe.

Tristar in the sun at Tenerife!

I could witter on about flying for ages!

At 27 I was earning 40,000 a year, with the prospect of a flying career until I was 55, when my pension would probably have been even more....

What made you change jobs.....

...didn't you like flying?