How did you get into British Airways?

I've always loved planes & flying - my Dad was in the RAF when I was little, I made AIRFIX kits, I went to airshows and all that.

Tornado (Farnboro 86?)I loved the FIGHTER PILOT documentary on the BBC when that came out - but soon found that I had to wear glasses, so being a fighter pilot was out of the question. Perhaps, I thought, I would just get a Private Pilots Licence when I was older...

David's first ever flight in a little plane - thanks to 4th Harrow AirscoutsI went gliding - first with the Scouts, and then with Cambridge University Gliding Club. I got interested in MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) and wondered if I might work for them one day. Then, when I was looking for a career which would pay enough for me to learn to fly as well, I heard that British Airways were training pilots again - and in a BA careers brochure I spotted an address to write to...

As a cadet by a Piper Warrior (G-BFXE) at Kidlington AirportMany interviews and tests later I was accepted onto the Sponsored Pilot Training Scheme, with full sponsorship from BA. A couple of weeks after finishing at Cambridge I started course CP118 at Kidlington Airfield, just north of Oxford.

737-200I officially joined BA in on 23rd November 1990, trained for the Boeing 737-200, and flew my first flight as a qualified First Officer on 5th June 1991.

What exactly did you do as a BA Pilot?