...can't you be a Christian & an Airline Pilot?

David trying to look coolIt's not easy - you've heard about the lifestyle, nightstops, cabin crew and all that... But anyone who trusts Jesus and wants to serve him at work will find it hard. The pressure's often there to conform to things that don't please God - whether that's to drinking & seedy night clubs, or just the typical shopping list of 'wants' - bigger house, newer Landrover Discovery or BMW - things that Jesus has said are not important.

The Cross - Jesus died there, now he says to us "deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me" (Mark's Gospel, chapter 8 verse 34)But that doesn't stop a Christian working in the airline - it just means you've got to take a stand from time to time. Often that's not a problem, and it's respected, but occasionally.... "it's people like you who are ruining the airline" said one Captain in Glasgow when I didn't want another drink.


...are you just a nerdy weirdo?